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nefarious adj : extremely wicked; "nefarious schemes"; "a villainous plot"; "a villainous band of thieves" [syn: villainous]

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From nefārius "abominable"




  1. infamous for being wicked
    The nefarious wizard was known for burning people alive for his secret rituals.


Derived terms


infamous for being wicked
  • German: ruchlos
  • Russian: бесчестный; нечестный, низкий; гнусный, мерзкий, подлый

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Nefarious may refer to:
  • Someone or something that is infamous for being wicked
  • Dr. Nefarious, a character in the Ratchet and Clank universe
  • Doctor Nefarious Tropy, a fictional character from Crash Bandicoot
  • Nefarious, a metal band
  • Nefarious, the bassist and vocalist for the band Macabre
  • Count Nefarious, a character in Toonstruck
  • "Nefarious", a song by Spoon from their 1996 album Telephono
  • Nefarious Clothing located in Norco CA

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